Affiliate Marketing: One Of The Hottest Home Business Opportunities for 2021

Have you heard that affiliate marketing is one of the hottest home business opportunities for 2021 and beyond?

Well, it is! With some simple training and instruction, a profitable affiliate marketing business can easily be setup within a couple of weeks.

I want to run you through everything that a beginner needs to know about affiliate marketing, help you understand the business and the right way to approach it.


What is Affiliate Marketing?


So, lets get started… What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you to promote someone else’s products or service and you get paid for any sales you generate. The company then is responsible for the product; they process the payments, ship the merchandise, and handle any complaints. You provide the marketing and get the commission. Brilliant!

It’s a simple way to make money online, but it can also deliver huge profits when done right.

Say you own a website giving people information about Jazz Music. You could place links to products related to Jazz Music, CD’s, download sites, etc. on your website. When your visitors click on your links they will go to the website you are promoting. If they buy, you will be paid a commission. Not bad for providing information huh?

You can find affiliate programs just about everywhere these days. A good way to find programs you’d like to join is by doing a search on your chosen topic. See what your competition is doing for a place to start. The affiliate networks such as ClickBank and Commission Junction are great places to look as well.

Look everywhere you shop online. Check the web sites for the words affiliate or partners. You’ll soon see there are almost no merchants online today who don’t have some sort of affiliate program. If you’re going to have a website or blog, you should definitely have affiliate links.

When you register for your chosen affiliate program you will receive your own personal ID number. When you place your link to the website you’re promoting on your website, you will use a link address which includes your unique ID. Anyone who makes a purchase via your personal link racks up commissions for you. These commissions are paid based on the pay schedule of that particular program.


6 Simple Steps to Becoming an Affiliate Marketer


In this section, I want to show you the simple steps you can take to become an affiliate marketer.  This is definitely not a complete guide to starting an affiliate marketing business, rather just a quick overview to show you how simple it is to start. Also, it will connect you to many great resources.


1) Choose Your Niche

Your first step will be to choose the niche you want to build your business in.

If you skip ahead a couple of sections, I have a couple of tips on choosing the right niche for you. However, here is a quick primer on choosing a niche:

  • Choose something profitable
  • Choose something that people search for (has market demand)
  • Choose something that you are passionate about.

2) Choose Products to Promote

Once you have selected your niche, you can start to make a list of products that you wish to promote.

This means heading to major affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Amazon Associates, JVZOO or these other Clickbank alternatives.

These will be jam-packed with products for just about every single niche, so make a note of a few offers that are right for you.


3) Build up Your Website or YouTube channel

When it comes to promoting the offers, there are two routes you can go down.

Building a website is often the ‘go to’ method for many people, and I suggest that you do try to run an affiliate marketing website at some point. You will make more money.

The second option is to run a YouTube channel where you review products and promote your affiliate links.

If you’re not keen on getting on camera, there’s a Youtube course I bought recently that is actually really good and something to consider.


4) Create your Content

Once you have decided the route to go down for your business, you now need to create content.

This content is there to promote your affiliate links. It can take many forms including:

  • Product reviews
  • How-to guides
  • Top lists

I also suggest that you try to mix some non-promotional content in there too. It makes your website seem a bit more genuine, so this could lead to more conversions.


5) Promote Your Content

There are plenty of routes to go down here.

Since you are at the beginner stage of your career, I suggest that you go down the route of these:

  • Create content that ranks in Google
  • Social media marketing
  • Promote via Youtube
  • Paid Advertising

There are plenty of ways to promote your blog. If you create original, quality content that the search engines love, they will gobble it up.

You can ask other sites in your niche to link to your content and they will if it’s really good – so that’s a way to get free links and bump you up in the search engines.

You can also set up a Youtube channel where you can link to your blog to get people to visit your site. If you don’t want to get on camera for this, you can create a slideshow type of video.

The last one is paid advertising. This could get expensive if not done right. The most popular methods are on Facebook and Google Ads. It would be wise to invest in some training if you are going to use paid ads.

Check out my article on Facebook – How to be Successful With Affiliate Marketing on Facebook.


6) Rinse and Repeat

Of course, this is a business. Maintaining your business is important but I have sites I haven’t touched in years and they are still making me money.

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket though. Once your first site takes off, I suggest building another but always keep focused on one – don’t burn yourself out.


Get Proper Training

While you probably can jump into doing affiliate marketing without any prior knowledge, I seriously do not recommend it. I suggest that you invest in quality training.

Sure, there is a ton of free information online. The problem is that it can be difficult to find relevant ‘free’ information. Plus, without any knowledge of affiliate marketing, you will have no idea whether the information is accurate anyway.

This means that you may be following a plan that stands no hope of making you any cash. You are just wasting your time.

I suggest that you invest in a good course from a reputable instructor. This would be one that has proven their worth in the world of affiliate marketing and, perhaps more importantly, has an ‘up to date’ course.


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. A beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing. I am not going to profess that I have shared everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing here.

This is because affiliate marketing is something that you could never fully learn, even if you spent years reading about it without proper training.

Your best option is to learn the foundation and get a good course – unless you want to spend years of trial and error!

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